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Why Us?

Leadership is no longer just about ethics, being a visionary and character building, we believe it has evolved to be about innovation, disruption and transformation. Global Leadership Consultants is a leadership firm based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa that has the vision of creating a new breed of leaders that will affect society generationally. We are a youth led, innovative organisation that has trained and impacted over 1000 leaders across South Africa.

Who We Are

We are global innovative leaders of change driven by purpose and passion for people.

Our Mission

To discover, develop and deploy a new breed of leaders.

Our Vision

To build authentic leaders to effectively effect society generationally.

Our Values

Excellence | Integrity | Passion | Purpose | Stewardship



Venture Start Up Master Class
R10 000 for 20 delegates
Entry Level Leadership Master Class
R5 000 for 20 delegates
Intermediary Level Leadership Master Class
R13 000 for 20 delegates
Advanced Level Leadership Master Class
R16 000 for 20 delegates