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"I am convinced that this book by Luphumlo will inspire many young people, in our country, to look forward and into leadership as a critical requirement for addressing the socio-economic challenges we face, including poverty, unemployment, inequality and corruption."

This book by Luphumlo  calls for leaders, particularly within the African context to meet pivotal challanges . Today’s young leaders must be equipped with the best intellectual and spiritual resources to take Africa forward.    

Luphumlo should be commended for seeking to contribute to this type of work, and for committing himself to the upliftment of the youth. I have no doubt that his words will prove to be accessible to the modern day reader and hope his work will inspire others to act in a fashion that is deliberately, and selflessly, focused on benefiting others

I recommend this book for two reasons. Firstly because its author is himself committed to transformational leadership. In other words, he embodies what he shares in these pages. The second reason I recommend this book is because of the desperate need our world has for leadership that is responsive to many of our unique and contemporary challenges.

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